Maundy Thursday

Maundy Thursday

Few words of positivity

Would anyone notice if I just... left

Sebastian Loving
Maundy Thursday
April 06, 2023 (Thursday) to April 06, 2023 (Thursday)
Good Friday
April 07, 2023 (Friday) to April 07, 2023 (Friday)
Black Saturday
April 08, 2023 (Saturday) to April 08, 2023 (Saturday)
Araw ng Kagitingan
April 10, 2023 (Monday) to April 10, 2023 (Monday)
Eid'l Fitr
April 21, 2023 (Friday) to April 21, 2023 (Friday)
Did you know?
Gamiting is defined in CEBUANO as follows:

gamíting a very, very tiny.
Gamíting kaáyu ang bátà nga bag-ung natáwu, The newly-born infant is very, very tiny.

Laugh your heart out.

Golfer: "Caddy, do you think it is a sin to play golf on Sunday?"Caddy: "The way you play, sir, it's a sin any day of the week!"