Bonifacio Day

Bonifacio Day

Few words of positivity

Do you like him much?'I told you I liked him a little. Where is the use of caring for him so very much: he is full of faults.'Is he?'All boys are.

Charlotte Brontë, Villette
All Saints' Day
November 01, 2023 (Wednesday) to November 02, 2023 (Thursday)
Bonifacio Day
November 27, 2023 (Monday) to November 27, 2023 (Monday)
Did you know?
Paraleipsis is defined in ENGLISH as follows:

A pretended or apparent omission; a figure by which a
speaker artfully pretends to pass by what he really mentions; as, for
example, if an orator should say, \"I do not speak of my adversary's
scandalous venality and rapacity, his brutal conduct, his treachery and

Laugh your heart out.

Cessna: "Jones tower, Cessna 12345, student pilot, I am out of fuel."Tower: "Roger Cessna 12345, reduce airspeed to best glide!! Do you have the airfield in sight?!?!!"Cessna: "Uh...tower, I am on the south ramp; I just want to know where the fuel truck is."